"KO HIGH" Amateur Fight Night at Taft HS

There was a big rumble going on at Taft High School in Woodland Hills at the annual "KO High Boxing Night" took place on the football field at this Southern California high school.

Award Ceremony for Those Helping Communities in Urban Youth

Last week, several thousands of people took time to celebrate and participate in the 20th annual KO High amateur boxing event. Started in 2006, Marvin Columbus believed that after school programs were needed when his son came home from grade school one day and said " Dad, which side should I be on?

ESPN.com - L.A. kids won't throw in the towel on their lives

L.A. kids won't throw in the towel on their lives Nancy Cabral was involved in her first drive-by shooting when she was 10. By the time she was 17, she had been shot twice, and had been shanked while serving four years in juvenile hall.Finally, Cabral, now 18, decided she had had enough.

Teen set to duke it out in club boxing league

Of all the things you might discover while walking around a high school campus, whether it's a science lab filled with computers or an art classroom lined with sculptures, nobody would ever expect to see a full-size boxing ring, complete with ropes, a foam-padded floor and a bell.

Float like a butterfly, punch like Ali Editor in Chief | The Valley StarEditor in Chief|

By Kevin Buckles Jr., Editor-At-Large A red corner, velvet red loafers, and a little red "Flav" all highlighted a red carpet event held Saturday night in Valley College's South Gym. For the second time over the course of a year, K.O. High Boxing and promoter Marvin Columbus chose Valley as their venue for another boxing extravaganza.