KO HIGH BOXING is a professional/amateur boxing promotion company. We currently host professional and amateur boxing events  Where you can watch amateurs become pros and pros become champions.  However KO HIGH BOXING started out as  America's 1st and largest high school program.



Marvin Columbus was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 29th, 1962. In 1984 Marvin started his career in the Entertainment Industry as a dancer, touring the USA and the world. He became a successful Choreographer and has worked with many Celebrities over the years. 

Marvin has shifted his focus, passion and career to writing and producing and has just recently written, directed and produced his first Feature Film Documentary “KO High”. In addition to that, Marvin is also working on “Ken Norton” (The Ken Norton Sr. story) and “Girls of Summer” – a movie inspired by true persons and historical events, about the first African-American women in Baseball, as well as various other projects. 

He is the Founder & President of KO High Boxing.